How to Change Men Can Men Change?

Can you change a man? Is it possible to change men? How can you change men?

They say it is difficult to change men, but if he loves you, he changes himself.

Predicting how men can be changed;

Change is never one-sided. In a relationship, only a man or a woman does not change, cannot change. To change men, they need some change in their women. Often unconsciously on both sides ..

On the other hand, it is tolerance and respect, not changes that are reasonable. This is how love grows slowly. Then one side rises and that’s me! If the lesson, hearts can be broken. Let’s be us and do business without thinking (?)


It may be a logical request to ask the person we love to change, but the change of the lover, the insistence on change may not always end positively. For example;

Loop embroidery men …

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