Questions To Find Out If Your Lover Loves You

Does your lover really love you? How much does your lover really love you? Do you think you deserve your lover's love? Does your lover deserve your love?

You can find out if your lover loves you by asking some questions. In this way, you can reach some details about your lover.

Here are some factors to help you understand if your lover really loves you.

  • Is your lover jealous of you?
  • Does your lover wonder about you?
  • Does your lover wonder about your past relationships?
  • Does it take your pain?
  • Does he call you out of nowhere, out of the blue?
  • Does he question you as if asking for an account?
  • Does he find you attractive?
  • Do you feel excited about your lover?
  • Is it enough for you to say I love you?
  • Does your lover trust you?

Remember, you cannot learn some things by asking, you have to feel it in your heart. Stay nice

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